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Hello people of Earth! I am TOD I am currently in Middle School and I love the new movie MONTE CARLO!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Wish Lists :)

Cake. Presents. Parties. Growing Up. Wishes. 

This weekend, I will be celebrating my birthday. When I was younger, I would separate my wish list into two categories: "Things I Have a Chance of Getting" and "Things I Know I Will Not Get But I'm Going To Fantasize About Getting Anyway". Items under the first category would be things like: clothes, video games, the newest American Girl Doll, and more 'princess' themed stick-on earrings. Items under the second category would be things like: a laptop, an iPad, a dog, and a unicorn named Winston. It's almost sad to think that as we grow older, we stop hoping for big, expensive gifts and rather ask for the realistic small things that mean just as much. I was so sad when I realized that all I wanted for my birthday this year was a part of shoes and a $50 iTunes gift card. Where was the hope of getting a unicorn named Winston or a Turtle named JimBob??? I miss that! That is why I want to make it publicly known that my birthday wish list is as follows:

-a trip to Calcutta, India
-a white pony
-two gerbils 
-a bunny rabit
-a $1000 iTunes gift card
-meet One Direction 
-a castle, complete with a horse and carriage, a diamond crown, and a prince 

Remember to always dream big! Life might just surprise you :) 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ahhh, summer

Ahh, summer.
late nights. sleeping in. lazy days. wearing shorts. swimming. the beach. sunglasses. summer.

   My summer this year was amazing! From the end of June to the beginning of July, I spent my days sleeping in and relaxing. DEFINITELY a nice break from waking up at 7:00 every morning! Towards the middle of July, my family took a vacation to Mexico to see all my cousins! We went to Acapulco for a week and had a blast! I am an only child so when my parents told me my cousin would be coming home with us after the trip for two weeks, I was thrilled! We are the same age so it definitely felt like I had a sister! After my "sister" went back to Mexico, I had about three days before I left for sleep-away camp for two weeks! My camp was awesome!!! It's in Hancock, NY so it's up in the mountains which was so cool! I tried so many fun activities like barefooting, ziplining, and flying trapeze! When I came home from camp, my school schedule was waiting for me. THAT was really depressing because it made me realize that summer is almost over!
   I have a theory that you never actually realize it was summer until the first day of school! If you are lucky, like I was, you are so busy with friends or traveling that you never keep track of the days so you don't realize that school is coming! I am not upset that school is coming. I do, however, would like to have a word with my superintendent about what time school should start each morning! :) Summer's not over yet though! In fact, my father and I leave for Ireland tomorrow! We will visit Dublin and meet some relatives who my Dad had not seen since he was eighteen years old! I will post some pics!
So enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to make the most out of what you have left!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

From Blackberry to iPhone

   Ok, so we all know that Blackberries and iPhones are virtually from 2 different planets, right? After months of pleading for an iPhone, I finally took a spaceship from Planet Tiny Keyboard, to Planet Even Tinier Keyboard. 
   It would be easier to say one thing I loved about my Blackberry than to list all the things I didn't like! I loved the BBM app; an easy way to talk to my cousins in Mexico always gets my vote. With BBM, or Blackberry Messanger App, I was able to catch up on the family drama (I have a BIG family), or just say 'hey' and compare homework assignments! Definitely a thumbs up on that one!
   It would be easier to say one thing I don't like about my new iPhone than to list all the things I love! I don't like how spell check always corrects me when I text my friends using 'text talk'! I type things like 'lolz' and it corrects me with 'lover'! Yeah sometimes it's helpful, for example my mom typed to a client 'let me know if there's any thong you need'! It corrected her with THING instead of THONG thankfully! For me, spell check corrects me when I don't want it to more often than it corrects me when I need it to. 
   Although these 2 planets are very different, I am very happy and thankful to my parents for providing me with the spaceship to Planet iPhone! 

∫ø√∑   å∫w奧,

Saturday, October 29, 2011


OK, so every year becomes even more hard than the previous year to decide what I will be for Halloween. This is because it is no longer about looking for costumes that are clever, it's now about looking for costumes that are the opposite of your personality. Think about it: a day to switch identities and be someone your not, even for a day, no one will ever know whose hiding under that mask! For me that idea is thrilling! Like lets say Justin Beiber puts on a mask and goes around asking people if they like Justin Bieber, no one will know it is actually him so they'll answer him truthfully! When I am famous I am SO going to do that!!! Well I'm off, places to go people to see! Happy Halloween! Mwahahahaha!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Day Back at School

Ahh September, sounds harmless right? WRONG!

September is the month where the kids go back to school again..................those words alone should get you scared! Whether it be buying school supplies or picking the first day of school outfit, the few days leading up to the first day of school are frantic!

SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES: School supply shopping outings are fun, except when you think about it. Schools send you these big lists with like 75 things you need to get for the new school year when most of the time, you don't even use have of the things on that list! Plus, people usually don't need to scramble about getting their items because on the first day of school, our homework is to finish getting the supplies!

FIST DAY OF SCHOOL OUTFIT SHOPPING: There is usually a big difference between shopping for boy's first day of school outfit than shopping for a girl's! The boys that I know probably just walk into a store and pick the first T-shirt they see! Whereas the girls usually take all day with their selections! Trust me, I know!

Good luck with everyone's first day of school!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!

Hello people!

 This past week, I have been in a Preforming Arts camp in Elmsford, NY. It's called Random Farms Kids' Theater. We preformed 101 Dalmations today and it was a huge success. Our performance was at 11:00a.m. but we had to be there a 9:00a.m. to get used to the stage and stuff. I play one of the puppies who Cruella De Vil steals so I have to wear ears on my head. It was so embarrassing because when we all ran across the stage at the end, my ears fell off! I didn't know what to do! I quickly grabbed them and shoved them on my head and kept on going!
   For those of you who don't know the story of 101 Damations, it's basically about a family of 2 dog parents: Pongo and Perdita, 4 Dalmation puppies: Penny; Lucky (that's me); Pepper and Patch, and 2 loving owners: Roger and Anita. Their next-door neighbor, Cruella Di Vil, is a crazy person who steals dogs to shave them and sell their fur. So Cruella wants Roger and Anita's puppies so she can that to them. She and her 2 henchman, Horace and Jasper, steal the puppies but Pongo, Perdita, and the dogs of London rescue the puppies and all the other dogs in the fur vault from Cruella. Cruella, Horace, and Jasper end up arrested and Roger and Anita decide to by a big Dalmation Plantation, with all the money Cruella had from the furs, for their 101 Dalmations. Everyone then lives happily ever after!

 The directors were great and made all the rehearsals really fun so go to link below to pursue your dream in theater! haha

 Random Farms Website

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Vacay

 Hola people of Earth and beyond! This is TOD here to talk about one thing: SUMMER VACATION! Sorry, i felt the need to scream. 
 This past school year has been filled with change, happiness, and of course some education. Change has occurred this year because I just started the whole process of changing classes, lockers, and meeting new people from other schools. I have made tons of new friends from all the different elementary schools, we have become super close throughout the year. My favorite class this year was Digital Literacy. Dig-lit class is when you learn different skills on Mac computers. For example, we learned how to morph different animal parts together on Photoshop to create a new kind of animal. That was one of our projects, I created a Gorifishrd. This distinct animal has the head of a gorilla, body of a fish, and talons of a bird. (Right)                  
 My least favorite class this year was Health. I don't know if health will always be my least favorite because it was only one unit we did this year that made me hate health class. The unit was......suicide......(scary music please). We read almost 5 cases of kids that were bullied or cyberbullied so hard that they wanted their life to end so they killed themselves. It was a very depressing unit.
 Anyway (on that happy note) school was fun this year; my teachers were great,  I learned a lot, made new BFFs, and became more independent. 


P.S. Another extra credit project I did was create a screaming apple so you can take a look at that too! (Below)